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5 Units

Team Essentials

  • Everything a new worship team member should know.
  • Lessons on servanthood, leadership, and team.
  • Have an entire team watch this prior to joining the band.

5 Units

Worship Leader

  • Gain deeper understanding on what it means to lead worship.
  • Use your role to affect and influence your community for God.
  • Grow practical skills required to build a team of excellence.

6 Units


  • Gain insight on how to take a song from an idea to a finished work.
  • Hear practical tips, tricks and tools of the trade for songwriting.
  • Write songs that move the Lord's heart and call people to action.

5 Units

Sound Engineer

  • Learn about mics, cables, effects, and sound.
  • Hear about setting up a stage to get the best audio possible.
  • Classes focus on live mixing, methodology, and excellence.