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Activating the Annointing
Don Potter
Don Potter talks about how risk is often a key to unlocking favor and anointing in your life. How even though you may not be the most skilled at something, God can still have a great calling on your life to do such a thing.
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1. The Heart of a Songwriter
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2. Refining Your Skills
3. Finding Inspiration
4. General Creativity
5. Song Stories
Hear from Bethel Music worship leaders speak at an exclusive 3-day workshop for songwriters. A hand-selected group of attendees learn to refine the art of songwriting with the Bethel Music team. This small group of attendees applied online and were chosen to attend. The retreat takes place in Redding, CA. At the retreat Bethel Music worship leaders teach sessions focused on songwriting. Part of the retreat also provides a one-on-one songwriting review with a Bethel Music worship leader, small group activation with an assigned Bethel Music worship leader, and attendees get a full audience song review. For more information please visit: