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Acoustic Guitar
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1: Beginner: Changing Strings

John-Paul Gentile

29:12 · Acoustic Guitar

​This lesson will teach you not only how to choose the right strings for your acoustic, but how to put them on properly.

1: Beginner: Changing Strings - John-Paul Gentile

JP explains how to change strings on your guitar. He notes the type of strings you use doesn’t really matter, you’ll end up finding ones you like.

D’addario Foster Bronze Light Gauge – start on the low number to find the gauge

On the end of each string is a different color that corresponds to the legend provided.

Start with the E string/6th Sting – the thickest string. Grab the roundest edge and a bridge pin. You want the groove facing the neck. Put the other end of the string in the pin on the neck. Make sure you leave slack. Bend the string over the tuning peg, before tightening it from the bottom up around the tuning peg. Tighten the string until you have a tone. Do not over-tighten. Use a tuner or an app on a smart phone to properly finish tuning the string.

A string/5th string = red. Repeat the same process as with the E string. JP gives some advice on how to find the right note when tuning. D string/4th = black. Repeat the same process. Make sure you leave lots of slack before winding up the tuning peg. JP shows how to cut the excess string off.

G string/3rd = green. B string /2nd = purple. High E/1st string = silver.

Stretch and re-tone the strings.