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1: BGVs: The Support Role

Graham Moore, Leah Valenzuela, and Brian Johnson

11:40 · Vocals

In this lesson we’ll cover the support role that vocals should have and how to use background vocals more as an instrument.

Vocals: The Support Role

Brian Johnson, Leah Valenzuela, Graham Moore

BGV’s in the supporting role – everything they are talking about is what we do at Bethel. But we want to inspire creativity, inspire you to expand on it.

BGV as an instrument within the worship team. Learn to be sensitive to the Spirit but also to the song. Enhance the song. Find that “sweet spot” in your voice and use it often.

“Won Me”
  • Brian and Leah sing the chorus with a breathy texture
  • Brian and Graham sing the same chorus with chorus with Graham in the higher register
  • Full Voice example – don’t over-extend your voice, blend well, it’s not about volume and it’s not about intensity.
  • Graham describes his vocal range as “elf vocal” – a male doing the “girly” or high parts can add a different layer or dimension to a song than when a woman does it.
  • Think a little out of the box, use falsetto, use different ranges and start creating your own sound.
  • Leah’s “sweet spot” is in a lower range, and she adds a lot of air by using her abdomen to push the air out.

Your voice is an instrument. Find what sounds best. Record yourself and listen back to it.