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1: Drums: Kit Setup and Mic Placement

John-Paul Gentile

09:00 · Drums

This lesson covers how to set the drum kit up so that it fits you naturally and for your body type. JP also covers some basic theory on good mic placement for your drum kit.

Drums: Kit Setup and Mic Placement

John-Paul Gentile

If you don’t set up a drum kit to fit your height, you will end up developing bad technique.

Kick pedal and high–hat pedal need to completely resemble how you would sit. JP does this by pulling the seat back a little and sitting down to see where his feet would normally and naturally be placed. Then he adjust the pedals and drum/high-hat accordingly, before moving his chair back to playing position.

Set the rack tom and snare up in perfect alignment with your body.

The snare sits a little higher than thigh height.

On your left, the high-hat sits at bicep level. The Crash sits at shoulder level, the same with the off crash on the right side.

The best way to find where the floor tom sits, is to play the rack tom then flip your wrist over to hit the floor tom. If you hit in the middle of the drum you are correctly positioned.

  • Snare – mic comes in in alignment with the snare bed, lifted of the rim, facing the middle. Bottom mic will add to the body, same thing underneath – facing the snare bed and facing the middle.

  • Rack tom – similar to the snare, mic lifted off the rim, facing towards the centre.

  • Floor tom – follows suit with the rack tom

  • Overheads – use a cable to measure that the distance between the snare and the overheads is the same for each. They are “in phase” – meaning you will get a great balance of attack, of presence.

  • Kick drum

  • mic inside the drum, facing towards the beater.

  • Inside, pointed towards the bottom hinge of the bass drum. 3. Outside of the hole.