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1: Keyboard Terminology

Luke Hendrickson

7:24 · Keyboards

In this lesson, Luke talks about the various options for keyboards styles to use. He explains how each keyboard type is unique from others and defines how he classifies keyboard sounds.

1: Keyboard Terminology

Luke Hendrickson

Definitions and commonly used terms:

  • Piano - usually refers to an acoustic piano, of which there are a few forms

1) traditional piano sound,

2) filtered pianos with some effects,

3) CP80 - sounds like a toy piano,

4) Rhodes piano - sounds like a hybrid between a piano and a guitar,

5) Celeste

  • Pad - used to create a texture, a background sound. It’s more felt than heard. There’s different ways to play a pad, namely bright/loud or dark/subtle. As a keyboardist you want to help create that space, the width to the sound. The mix will sound a lot wider with a pad in it.

  • Synth - a harsher sound, and a more melodic sound. Typically used to play a repeating phrase or arpeggio. You can filter the synth like a pad to create a darker tone etc.