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13: Advanced: Capos

Brian Johnson

14:51 · Acoustic Guitar

In this lesson Brian covers capo theory including using cut capo and more.

13: Advanced: Capos

Brian Johnson

Brian talks about the controversy of using capos. His stance is that you play what sounds best, some voices you cant get to sound right without a capo – it’s really about the song.

Don’t add stuff to the song that you don’t need.

Different finger positioning can make the same chord sound slightly different. Different ways to play the same chord are necessary to produce a certain sound in a song.

Cut Capo – a shove cut capo. It holds 3 strings down. Allows you more freedom to go up and down the neck and only play 1 string, because the capo has the others for you. This in turn gives you more freedom to focus on other things – singing, what the band is doing, spontaneous song etc

Brian sometimes uses 2 capos – G major chord, He typically leads in E but shows you how to transpose using capos.

Sometimes, to build a song or move it along a little, he uses a slash chord in the second verse.

Brian showcases correct finger positions for various chords.

Using capos up high on the neck doesn’t always work, but lower down it sounds really good.

A capo is really god to help an acoustic cut through the mix when you’re playing with a band. You can find the right register using a capo.