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Acoustic Guitar
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18: Advanced: Playing in DADGAD

John-Paul Gentile

18:03 · Acoustic Guitar

JP teaches on alternate tunings, specifically DADGAD tuning.

18: Advanced: Playing in DADGAD

John-Paul Gentile

Starting from the 6th string to the 1st string. Hit D string & E string together – D tune your E until it matches your open D.

Tuning note: Its important to go below the note and tune back up.

Take the B string and tune it to an A.

This is an awesome tuning to strum to, as well as adding new sound to a song when playing in DADGAD when the worship leader plays a song in D.

1 Chord:
  • 1st finger on 2nd fret of G-string = DADAAD
  • JP loves: 5th fret (Note D), play 3rd in key of D (= f#)
  • You can switch it and play the 5th instead of the 3rd (7th fret on E string)
2 Chord:
  • 2nd fret of E string
  • 2nd finger to 2nd fret
  • 3rd finger on 2nd fret on a B/A string
  • 4th finger on 2nd fret of the D string
3 Chord:
  • 3rd finger on 4th fret of E string
  • 1st finger on 2nd fret of G string
4 Chord:
  • Moving up 1 to the 5th fret of the E string.
  • 2nd finger on 5th fret of the E string
  • 4th finger of 5th fret of A string
  • skip D
  • 1st finger on 4th fret of G string
5 Chord:
  • Same formation – slide up 2 to 5 Chord
6 Chord:
  • Take same formation from 3 chord, slide to 9th fret on E string
  • 1st finger on 7th fret of G string
  • pinkie finger underneath on 9th fret of A string – sounds fuller.
7 Chord:
  • Take same formation to 11th fret - ring finger (3) on 9th fret of G string.
8 (or 1) Chrod:
  • Resolve to the 1 – same formation on 4th and 5th.

In this tuning you really only need to be putting 2 fingers down.

JP prefers to play without the pick for this tuning. He just uses thumb, 1 and two to stum. The thumb always goes down, the one and the two alternate. Every once in awhile, he goes to the 4.

Double-stop – using two fingers to pluck at the same time.

Open tuning is a great way to get into picking patterns.