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2: Ableton: Routing

Matt Stinton

14:36 · Keyboards

Matt explains how to get sounds played through Ableton. He walks you through the process of setting up the Ableton application correctly.

2: Ableton: Routing

Matt Stinton

  • Interface hooked into laptop using Firewire, and novation controller via USB, Yamaha hooked up via MIDI out.

  • Matt’s using Live 9.

  • You Tube can show you some really great tricks as well.

  • Matt shows you how to tell Ableton where your sounds are going to be coming in and out from.

  • Option for Mono sends or stereo sends.

  • On the MIDI tab - You want to make sure you have your options turned on. Enable tracking, and turn the input on from the secondary controller, turn on the remote.

  • Light flashing means it’s receiving signal.

  • Basic Routing: Absynths, dropping tracks, extra tracks.

  • Matt demonstrates by playing the piano. You need to be running through stereo, not mono, otherwise you lose dimension and complexity to your sound. He shows you how to set up using 4 channels.