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2: Drums: Rudiments

John-Paul Gentile

15:03 · Drums

​This lessons goes over important exercises you can use in order to master the craft of drumming. It also introduces basic use of a click track in rehearsal.

Drums: Rudiments

John-Paul Gentile

Single Stroke Roll:
  • hitting right and left on ¼ notes
  • set the click to 1/8 notes, so you can stay syncopated
  • P is using Ableton live
  • Set the click to 70bpm
  • Sticks in an A-frame position
  • Shoulders straight
  • Sticks angled in so that tips of your sticks are at the center of your snare
  • If your drum doesn’t have a circle drawn in the center, draw one in, or use a practice pad. The center of the drum produces the best sound.
  • Movement is all within wrist and fingers – not shoulders or elbows
Double Strokes:
  • like single strokes but now two hits on each hand -* work on both hands being even, JP gives some exercises to strengthen you weaker hand
The Paradiddle:
  • right, left, right, right or left, right, left, left
  • alternate which hand leads
An 8 Stroke:
  • 2 groupings of 4
  • alternate hands
The Moeller Technique:
  • high hat
  • ¼ note hits
  • first strike normal, second strike is on the way back up, making it much lighter
  • stay fluid, not rigid or tense