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2: Vocals: Breath Management and Airflow

Kiley Hill

20:16 · Vocals

Kiley shares on vocal health and technique, applying breathing exercises to increase breath support. She provides exercises to strengthen breath management.

Vocals: Breath Management and Airflow

Kiley Hill

Breathing for singing is all about how you are regulating your air

You want to build muscle control as you exercise

Imagery for the relationship between sound and your breath:
  • Your voice surfs along your air
  • Think “it’s time to breathe” not “it’s time to sing”

Begin to project your voice based on what you feel, not just on what you hear. You want to feel how to breathe properly, where your voice is resonating etc.


– visualize the air filling the space between your navel and your sternum (where your diaphragm is)


– visualize spending your breath evenly across a whole phrase. Use your abdominal muscles, connected to the diaphragm, to apply a good amount of pressure to control your outflow of air.

Find language, thoughts, pictures that remind you of proper technique.

Kiley demonstrates :
  • Breathing exercises
  • Lip Roll
  • “Ssss” sound – 60 sec
  • Vowel-only song – 20 sec
  • Visualize the sound of an “aaaah”
  • Darth Vader exercise
  • Positioning, gestures and stance
  • Book weight exercise