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3: BGVs: Singing Sounds

Graham Moore, Leah Valenzuela, and Brian Johnson

12:58 · Vocals

This lesson covers some real examples from Bethel Music records where BGV sings sounds, counter melodies and more and hopefully gives you a practical look at how to implement more vocal layers into your worship teams.

Vocals: Singing Sounds

Brian Johnson, Leah Valenzuela, Graham Moore

Sound-scaping with Vocals.

Most bands would probably play an extra guitar or instrument, but often using the voice in different ways can add a completely new dimension.

If you’re going to create a pad with vocals, remember to take the pad out of the instruments.

One of the advantages of using vocal layering is that it’s really human, so it’s going to add depth to a song that an instrument can’t do, especially when you stack vocals together.

A vocal hook will encourage the congregation to pick it up, something an instrument wont usually have success with.