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3: Midi Mapping

Matt Stinton

9:41 · Keyboards

This lesson will enable you to use keyboard triggers and shortcuts that assign properly within Ableton.

3: MIDI Mapping

Matt Stinton

  • Enables you to assign different buttons, knobs, sliders to different controls e.g. volume, turn effects on or off etc

  • Matt shows how to assign effects/sounds on MIDI. The MIDI indicator should show a blinking light any time you use a MIDI signal.

  • Matt assigns master volume on MIDI, track volumes, sends, etc and shows the steps necessary to do it.

Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting:
  • How to fade in/fade out a pad, or sustain.
  • We you have the track record-enabled it’s receiving MIDI signals.
  • When you turn the track off, it’s no longer receiving MIDI-signals.
  • When you lift your foot off the sustain pedal that is an actual MIDI signal, it’s an on and an off.
  • If you have the track turned off so you’re not record-enabled it will never receive the “off” signal. It will keep playing until you enable record on that track and hit the sustain pedal.