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4: BGVs: Stacking Vocals

Graham Moore, Leah Valenzuela, and Brian Johnson

11:20 · Vocals

In this lesson Brian, Leah and Graham talk about how to add depth, dynamics, texture and ambiance to a sonic space through a technique called stacking vocals.

Vocals: Stacking Vocals

Brian Johnson, Leah Valenzuela, Graham Moore

Highlighting certains phrases, lines or words. Exaggerating the point. The high point melodically should be the high point lyrically.

As a BGV you need to blend your hard consonants (S,T,K, etc) - almost slurring them so they don’t stand out in the mix. Brian, Leah and Graham example what they personally do to blend in a mix.

  • have your parts sorted out beforehand so you’re not walking all over each other when you sing. It doesn’t matter if you only a sing a small part (1–2 phrases) in a song – the overall sound of the song is what’s important.
  • bring a vocal in to create dynamic in an important lyric.