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Electric Guitar
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4: Electric Guitar: Ambience and Dynamics

Michael Pope

11:22 · Electric Guitar

In this lesson Michael goes over how to use basic effects pedals to create a sonic space so that the musical atmosphere in the room fosters a more intimate and powerful environment for worshippers.

Electric Guitar: Ambience and Dynamics

Michael Pope
Volume swell:
  • requires a guitar and a delay pedal.
  • Turn the pedal on, set the tempo, and set the repeats high.
  • Use the volume pot on the guitar to create a swell.
  • Volume swells create space and atmosphere.
  • You can also use a volume pedal to create the swell, instead of the pot on the guitar.
  • Reverb works together with the delay to make the sound even bigger and dramatic, it fills out the space.
Other effects:
  • Tube Screamer pedal – creates overdrive
  • POG – Octave pedal
  • Tremolo
  • Fast picking, with all the other effects on