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Electric Guitar
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4: Pedalboard Delays and Reverbs

Michael Pope

12:02 · Electric Guitar

Mike Pope walks you through the delay and reverb pedals he uses and how he uses them. He also covers auxiliary pedals that bring sparkle to his sound.

Pedalboard Delays and Reverbs

Mike Pope
  • Mike uses two different delays and reverbs for the kind of worship music he plays

First Delay Pedal: Strymon Brigadier
- It sounds kinda like a memory man, but it doesn’t break and it’s smaller.
- It is first in line but is a secondary delay because it is filling space or creating ambience in the swell.
- Turn repeats up pretty high, most of the time he has it off and turns it on for chords or picking line.
- He uses it for swells.

Second Delay: Pedal Strymon Timeline
- How to use: Controller lets you go easily through the delay settings. You don’t have to worry about tapping it.
- Very easy to use. He starts running in stereo. Is stereo better than mono? Mono is a direct sound. Stereo is direct too, but you get the option of making it sound big and wide.

Download Mikes timeline pre-sets at http://thechurchcollective.com/

- Inears can sound stereo, adding reverb gives you back room fill. - You can control and low end seperately.

First Reverb: Strymon
- It adds a little bit of room to the tone.
- Has lots of sustain - takes a while to disappear - use for volume swells
- don’t use for big rock’n’roll parts, it makes it blurry

Second Reverb: Boss
- for the Mod setting - sounds bright, becomes almost like an overdrive because it sounds dirtier