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4: Rewire: Connecting Ableton & Reason

Matt Stinton

15:26 · Keyboards

Matt walks through the steps of installing the plug-ins and connections needed to use the Reason software with Ableton.

4: Rewire: Connecting Ableton & Reason

Matt Stinton

How to make Ableton Live work with Reason.

To start off (Matt still has the audio tracks set up), open the collapsable menu, open the “instruments tab” and select “external instrument”. This will allow you to use Ableton Live as the main program, and then behind it you will have all the other sounds coming in.

When you have Reason set up as rewire, it’s going to be your database, so all of your sounds from Absynth, from Reason, Native, In Live - you can use them all at the same time.

Matt shows how to import the external instrument.

Next, open Reason. It should say “Rewire Slave mode” this means its connected to Ableton in rewire format. You have to open Ableton Live first and then reason or it won’t set up correctly. To close, you have to close Reason first and then Ableton Live, (or whatever program you’re using for rewire).

Check preferences for “Audio” and “Keyboards and Control Surfaces” in preferences as per Matt’s instruction.

Go to “Create” tab and create an instrument - all the patches are located here. Matt shows you how to load them correctly. Change the names to suit you. Hit the tab key and it will show you the other side of Reason - the virtual interface, the ins and the outs. Matt shows you how to manually add a stereo pair.

Back at the Ableton Live page, Matt shows you how to set up the external instrument to receive the signal. Click on “midi to” and find the track you already named. Now you now Ableton Live is receiving from the reason program and specifically going to the track you labeled. Select “audio from” and find the outputs you assigned in Reason. Adjust the gain until you have the signal you want.

You can now route however you want.

* In a really big set, you may need more audio channels. Matt shows you where to add more - “more audio”.
* If you forget what audio channel you selected in Reason, leave record enabled in Ableton Live and when you are selected the “audio from” you can hit a note and it will highlight it for you.
* Command R - the shortcut for renaming on a Mac.
* You can now add effects and controls