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5: BGVs: Singing Melody

Graham Moore, Leah Valenzuela, and Brian Johnson

06:36 · Vocals

In this lesson Brian, Graham, and Leah go over more ways to use your voice as an instrument by figuring out where and when as a BGV to sing the melody as opposed to a harmony so that your worship vocals have a more impactful sound in a mix and translate a more powerful musical experience for a congregation.

Vocals: Singing Melody

Brian Johnson, Leah Valenzuela, Graham Moore

BGVs singing melody

  • Highlighting certain lyrics or melodies vocally

  • Your high point lyrically should be your high point melodically

  • Singing octaves can add a great mix

  • Brian prefers to have multiple BGVs to add depth to worship sets as it seems to engage the congregation more.

  • Try flipping the melody around with the BGVs

  • Give yourself options melodically – e.g. have another leader on the team hit a lower register and then you can jump an octave for the chorus

  • Another technique for BGVs is to just sing certain words/lines/lyrics, not the whole song.

  • Not every BGV should have to sing harmony all the time. If you’ve got totally different sounding voices they can sing the same part and it works well.