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5: Drums: "To Our God" Tutorial

John-Paul Gentile

09:31 · Drums

JP uses "To Our God" to teach tips for the drums and gives a tutorial of parts through the entire song.

Drums: “To Our God” Tutorial

John-Paul Gentile

In the recording multiple drums were used. In this tutorial JP shows you how to play it with only one drummer in a live setting so that it doesn’t sound empty compared to the recording.

The snare sounds a little different – it’s turned off for this song, creating more a tom sound.

The intro of the song is just the drums for 2 measures.

Click: 74 BPM subdivision of 1/8 notes


– Left foot is on the high-hat accenting the up/off-beat. JP achieves this by tapping his heel down on the on-beat and rolling it forward for the off-beat. This high-hat pattern is kept through out the intro, verse and chorus.


– the kick drum on the downbeat of the 1, no kick anywhere else in that phrase.


– different kick pattern and an added hit on your left hand.

Then into re-intro.
2nd verse.
2nd chorus

– when you are doing the break to get ready for the bridge you turn the snare on.


– the first section is at a cut-time, then switch into a fulltime groove, after a fill


– really big