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5: Pads

Luke Hendrickson

13:38 · Keyboards

In this lesson, Luke talks about different pad sounds and discusses when it's appropriate to use each one.


Luke Hendrickson
  • Pads are a tool to create a bed of music to build a song, it glues it all together.
  • Pads are not to grab attention, it is to build a settle effect. For example, at the chorus play a few notes here and there where energy increases with the band.
  • With Pads rhythmic elements will be more simple, note changes will be more sparts and the tone typically a little darker at times. Verses will have a dark tone.

letch a pad:
- Find a couple of notes that work with every chord change in the song.
- Number system 1, 5 in the scale are gonna be best for gluing everything together. They are compatible with almost every chord that happens in your song.
- Press button in the beginning of the song to latch or sustain the song. Switch sounds while pad continues to hold out and then start to play the piano intro. Grow the song by pulling the filter up.

How to letch a pad with a second keyboard:
- Get a second keyboard, have another sustain pedal and control it manually with your food.
using Ableton (easier way):
- Go to Pad category, load reverb into your pad chain and click “freeze” - it loops the data that goes through passing that plug in.
- It is important to put your filters after it. Put “freeze” function in before filtering, so that it is looping a full range. You can filter it bright and dark after its loop.

Pads in the low end:
- If base player plays the low end, leave these parts to him and only play parts that are contemplemary to what he is doing.
- Listen to the overall sound of what the band is playing.

- Oxcynth on Ableton live setup has a grain delay that creates octave higher harmonies when you engage it.
- Filtering up the grain delay through an ox makes the sound more sparkly. It’s creating brightness without a low pass filter.