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5 Types of Prophetic Song

Dan McCollam

0:31:21 · Worship Leading

A time of practical teaching and activation on the 5 Types of Prophetic Song

When you sing in tongues and then interpret the song

  • Activation: Begin to sing in the spirit.
  • Remember when you speak or sing in tongues that you are speaking an actual language.
  • Think of singing in the spirit as a song that has meaning.
  • Activation: Ask the Lord to give you a sense of what you were singing in the spirit.

The Spontaneous Prophetic Song

  • Spontaneous is the one that hits you in the moment. 

The Crafted Prophetic Song

  • What makes a prophetic song is something that can be measured, evaluated, or judged.

Sing a song that already exists with a prophetic intent

  • Taking an already written song and singing it with the prophetic intent and letting it release grace to whoever you are singing it over
  • Activation: Sing a prophetic song to someone in the room. This can be any song. It can be something spontaneous that hits you or something that’s already been written.

Playing instruments with prophetic intent

  • When the music and what we are singing match. (Prophetic Prosody)
  • Practice the authority of your instrument by learning different sounds, feelings, atmospheres etc.