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6.4 Influence Part 2

Danny Silk


We enter fellowship, not with the agenda of being benefiting,  we enter the agenda of being known.

Influence Part 2

Danny Silk

  1. How do we cultivate trust and influence?

  • Ps. 139:23-24

  • We enter fellowship, not with the agenda of being benefiting,  we enter the agenda of being known. 

  • That will be your sticking point if you cannot move in that.

  • You can make it through the ranks of achievement without love. 

  • It’s not about achieving rank. It's about the success of learning to love bigger and better. 

       B. How well do I receive input or feedback in my life? 

  • Nail video

  • Self Appraisal is not as easy as we think

  • Our nose is so close to our mouth and yet we don’t even know when our breath stinks.

  • We have to trust the feedback of others.

  • We create a limitation of growth when we resist feedback.

  • If people aren’t giving you feedback, you may have trained them to stay away from you. 

  • We need to send a message out asking for feedback. 

       C.  Can you turn feedback into personal growth?

  • Confidence: Wholeheartedly believing that you ( i missed the rest of the definition)

  • Humility:  Accurately appraising your affect on those around you

Confidence + Low Humility = Arrogance

Confidence + No Feedback = Missed Favor

Confidence + Humility + Feedback = Favor & Trust

Feedback is based on condition of our heart not of the skill of the person giving it to us.

      D. Systems of Feedback

         Ask yourself :

  • Who has permission to give me feedback daily?

  • Am I welcoming or neutralizing the feedback others give me?

Your common response:

  • I was wondering if you have any feedback for me about this went.

  • I was wondering how you experienced me in this situation?

  • I really appreciate that feedback. Is there anything else?

There is courage to give the feedback, and there is the courage to receive the feedback and to be willing to adjust to it. 

Confidence + Humility + Feedback = Truth, Favor & Trust