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Acoustic Guitar
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6: Beginner: Finger Picking

John-Paul Gentile

08:31 · Acoustic Guitar

JP teaches a basic finger picking pattern that will lay a foundation to grow upon.

6: Beginner: Finger Picking

John-Paul Gentile

There are hundreds of ways to do finger-picking patterns. This is just one.

Fingers JP uses:
  • Thumb
  • 1 (index finger)
  • 2 (middle finger)

“Fall Afresh” – playing the Loft Sessions version

Thumb is always on a downbeat, (Left hand) 2nd finger on the 3rd fret on the G, (RH) thumb playing a steady set of 1/8th notes.

1st finger on the D, 2nd finger on the G. Thumbs maintains its rhythm playing on the downbeat, but on the upbeat you alternate picking with the 1st and 2nd fingers – e.g. Thumb, 1, thumb, 2, thumb,1, thumb, 2.

Practice putting the accent on different notes/fingers. Listen to how it changes the feel of the song.

Rest of the song:

LH - Start on G, move down to the C, go back and forth. LH – Add in a D and then back to G.

G, C, G, D, Em, C, G, Dm (with repeats)

Practice and experiment with this finger picking.

JP demonstrates the intro to the “Fall Afresh” song, in case you need something extra to work on.