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6: Knowing Your Role

Kiley Hill

10:37 · Vocals

In this lesson, Kiley talks about the importance of understanding the context that you are singing in. Whether you're a leader, BGV or performing, you must have a different approach to how you will sing.

6: Knowing Your Role

Kiley Hill

What role do you play on the worship team?

Vibrato is a tone that is set on a note when your airflow and rhythm of the vocal chords meet in agreement. You don’t need vibrato to be an amazing worship leader or vocalist. Often times as you mature as a singer, vibrato comes naturally.

Think about where you are taking your breaths during a song. Try to avoid taking a huge breath where it is noticeable in a song. Especially, not mid-word.

If you spend a lot of time singing harmonies, it’s essential you spend a lot of time listening so you can become familiar with the appropriate harmonies.

As a vocalist who is co-leading, and supporting a leader, is it really important to blend with the leader. Not changing your voice, but working on, for example, your consonants, blending them and making them softer at the beginning and end of words. This stops clashes in the mix. Don’t get a ahead of the primary leader and seek to support them at all times. You are like an instrument, another layer to the song.

It is possible to learn harmonies, and it’s such a great way to increase your musicianship.

Kiley recommend you purchase Jeffrey Kunde’s Nashville Number System book as it is a great way to increase your music theory. It encourages greater efficiency, versatility and time management within a worship team.

Keep good habits while you are practising because you cannot watch yourself when you are leading a congregation and you want it to come naturally.

Learn what kind of mix you like. If you can’t hear yourself in a mix you will naturally be straining over the top to try to hear. Work with your sound team to find the right mix that works for you and know the right language to communicate with them for when changes need to happen quickly (e.g. in the middle of a set). Kiley details what she like in her mix.