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7: Chord Forms or Inversions

Luke Hendrickson

6:55 · Keyboards

Luke shows different chord forms and inversions that allow you to find hooks, melodies and patterns. He uses these to simplify changes in a song and keep consistent sonic resonance.

Chord Forms or Inversions

Luke Hendrickson
  • When you build a song think of it in verse, chorus, bridge, outro and try to find a different thing in each section.
  • A modern way to play is hitting eighth notes, it adds energy without distracting from the energy line.
  • In the left hand play 1,5,10 as a pattern. It gives space for the right hand to play melody.
  • To build harmony inside of a melody take one note, go six notes above it and walk these around.
  • If you’re trying to play singable melody keep the note you want to focus on on top. Ears naturally hear highest notes. - Low note is harmony, high note is melody.

Big octaves
- Add a punch to chord changes that are happening - take left hand and put reverb on piano (dulcimer, delay).
- Play a root note in the left hand (octave root) and the third of the chord in the right hand (octave with a third on top).

  • Don’t carry everything with the keyboard, lot’s of times the keyboard fills the gaps with the pad, play a countermelody or create a lift on the chorus.