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Artist Panel: The Journey

Joel Taylor, Ben Armstrong, Amanda Lindsey Cook, Steffany Gretzinger, Jeremy Riddle, Brian Johnson, and Jenn Johnson

00:40:32 · Worship Leading

Watch this interview panel between Ben Armstrong and members of Bethel Music. 

The Journey

Joel Taylor, Ben Armstrong, Amanda Cook, Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, Steffany Gretzinger, Brian Johnson

BA: What are some of your highlight moments?

Joel Taylor: When Brian, Jeremy and Christa wrote “ One Thing Remains” It was a defining moment for us. I remember that’s where the momentum of our movement started reaching all over the globe. 

Brian Johnson: Sunday night worship once a month there are baptisms on stage, “I started singing out, ‘His love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out.” that’s the back story. 

Steffany Gretzinger: One of the first memories I have of being apart of this was when we recorded ‘Be Lifted High.’ and I got to sing on Jeremy’s song, We lead on a Sunday to record and it was one of the most stunning encounters I’ve ever had, and I had just come from a best friend’s funeral. It was a moment of saying, “I didn’t see you answer the way I wanted you to. And I came to sing to the God who is a healer even though he didn’t heal the way I wanted him to.” Lots of things started there. It was my first album, it was when Amanda joined us. 

Jenn Johnson: A highlight is the strength that’s grown here. I’m thankful for the longevity this team has had.

Jeremy Riddle: The thing that marked me more than the actual experience, but the craziest thing was listening to Bill Johnson after the glory cloud showed up. Bill said, I don’t understand what’s going on, but I’ve been praying for that cloud for 16 years. I didn’t realize that we could contend for heaven on earth and actually see it!

BA: What are things that God has changed in your lives over the last 5 years?

BJ: I knew who I was in God, but not a lot of other people saw it yet. In the last couples years that’s something that the Lord has done, not me, but the Lord. I used to get mad at people who didn’t recognize my gifting, but after I had a nervous breakdown I was able to surrender that. 

SG: I came from an environment where revival broke out in my church back home. I was trusted with a lot here because I was forced to come face to face with my fear of failure. My confidence has grown because of family. 

JT: His tangible presence, you never get tired of it. All that bethel music is because we want to invite people into feeling 

AC: I came here because I heard a sound. I heard “How He loves” and so I came to Bethel. I came because someone knew God was better than I had been told. The thing that I am constantly learning is that He is kind. I came here because of the sound of love. And I stayed because I found people who were willing to sing me back from the brink. The thing that holds me is the people. 

BA: Family gets to know each other, good, bad and ugly. What makes you stay here when you’re going through the pain? What keeps you here? 

JJ: In family you can love and encourage, but also call me on my crap. Through the hard times I had to ask, “Who called me here?” It was God. Then leadership can’t fail you. You choose to stick. 

SG: If we have run out of grace we have come to the end of ourselves. If he has called you, he will keep you. I’m saying to agree with Jenn, I had a dream when I was young of this place. I stay for the people. 

BJ: Something practical about our leadership, a lot of times when a leader is a leader of a movement they are typically a type A personality, But some of the most successful people are much more humble and ok with other people being elevated. It’s important to have conviction in your heart as a leader to champion the people serving your movement. As a leader people will pass you up, that’s the point.