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Born For Glory

Kris Vallotton

0:54:53 · Fundamentals

Kris teaches us how to live fully alive in Christ

God has created you to be fully alive

  • Video: America’s Got Talent 
  • “When we live fully alive it doesn’t reduce others, it inspires others.”
  • You are created to win.
  • Story: About Kris’ personal assistant. 
  • Story: Kris’ childhood

You don’t become what you want to become, you become what you see in the watering hole of my imagination

  • Story: Jacob
  • The more you unforgiveness you have for someone, the more you will become like the one you won’t forgive.
  • “Unforgiveness tethers you to your past.”
  • “Most of us become what you think the most important person in you life thinks you are.”

You are no longer a sinner, you were a sinner

  • “He didn’t just die to forgive your sins, He died to restore you to glory.”
  • Story: Vacation with grandkids
  • When Jesus died on the cross, we received all the authority. The devil has none.

We were born for glory

  •  Story: 12 Disciples all argued about who was the greatest.
  • “We were born in the image and likeness of God.”
  • We were put on the planet to torment the devil not the other way around.
  • You can’t steal the glory from God. You can’t steal what He already gave you.
  • Story: Teaching on the prophetic.

Physical obedience brings spiritual release

  • Story: Power of baptism
  • We are not at war with our old man. 
  • Baptism is not magic, it is a prophetic act.

Condemnation vs. Conviction

  • Condemnation will always connect your bad act with your identity.
  • Conviction will always say you are better than that. 
  • “You are not the temptations you resist, you are only the virtues you embrace.”
  • “What I will is who I am not what I want.”