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Building a Bridge

Martin Smith

0:31:38 · Community

Martin journeys through the responsibility a generation carries for bringing God's spirit to the world. He speaks of the things that fuel great art and songs, and how to take those outside the church walls.

Leading Worship in Daily Life

Martin Smith

What is God going to do with us that is extraordinary, with those of us here, right now.

  • We have the responsibility to bring God’s spirit to OUR generation.
  • We are here to bring the gospel to a broken generation. To the world.

Any new move of God will always look different from what’s come before.

  • Our brains will settle for what we like, but our Spirit is always hungering for something new.

“You can’t really love Jesus, and not love His church.”

We’ve been in a training program, and now there is going to be a new explosion.

Community, Family, Life, Friendship are things that fuel great art and songs.

  • The world tells us that it’s better to be isolated.

Our generation will both bring music to the church and the world. There doesn’t have to be a distinction.

  • The annointing is for the world, not just the four walls of the church.

Lets not get stuck in thinking that “now we’ve built the bridge” and we have figured things out, but then the course of the river changed.

“Real humility is actually being who God made us to be.”

  • Ego is the enemy of humilty.
  • Be confident in what He has called you to do.