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Building a Community

Jeremy Riddle

0:31:54 · Community

Jeremy shares the importance of community and family to the church and gives practical tips on how to cultivate it.

Building a Community - Jeremy Riddle

Community = Family
  • The concept of family has become something thats Jeremy needs.
  • Bethel Church is a family opporation. It functions as a family.

Bill Johnson - “Once you've left the concept of family you've left the concept of kingdom”

God has an idea of what family should look like.
  • Think about what a beautiful loving family looks like
  • What there loyalty looks like
  • The selfless acts that happen all the time
  • The way the honor each other
  • Defending each other prmoting each other
You get a glimpse of what God desires family to look like
A beautiful family can not be ignored
  • It is the most powerful message that you will ever have
  • How we interact as a church family, more than anything else, tells the world whether or not our gospel is real.
As a society Jeremy has noticed that people are drawn to beautiful families
  • There is an attraction on beautiful families
Where does family begin?
  • Family was God’s idea
  • Covenant- a life long convenant

The worth of something is determined by the price you are willing to pay for it.

God is fearless in His commitment to us.
  • The way that we commit our selfs to God is we commit our selfs to His people
The biggest thing the Jeremy found here at Bethel is encouragement.
  • People saw things that He didn’t even know was there
When hope awakens you and you are around a people that see who you are and call you out you realize that your best years can be in front of you
Practical Steps to Community
  • Commit your life to community and people
  • Find spiritual moms and dads, don't just take their time, serve them.
  • Pursue brothers and sisters. Be vulnerable about your dreams and your struggles with them. People that you run with
  • You weren't designed to do life alone
  • Find a people to serve. Find people that can’t give you anything in return.
If the distance between your stage and your people is large you are acting in opposition to family
  • You need to be vulnerable, approachable, and humble
Jesus was the biggest deal that walked this planet.
  • He modelled community and leading like no other
If we are able to become one of the most beautiful families we will make beautiful music.
  • God invades family!