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Building A Legacy

Ben Armstrong and Brian Johnson

0:37:16 · Community

Brian Johnson and Ben Armstrong share on what make up the qualities of a good leader, including vulnerability, rest, humility, and encouraging others.

You Can’t Hide in Family

  • God sometimes puts bad leaders in our lives as part of our growing experience. We’re waiting for leaders to be great leaders before we can be led. (Brian)
  • There are people who make an excuse for why they can’t be great because of the leaders they serve, or their leaders don’t see them. Is one person that powerful that they can somehow mess up everything God has for you? If  you can serve that leader well, God will make a way. (Ben)
  • In the book of Daniel they were lead by leaders that were not Christians and were terrible leaders, but because they served them faithfully they were given the favor they needed and their entire lineage changed because of it. (Brian)
  • “Our father’s ceiling becomes our floor, and then we take that batton and go. As leaders, it should be that the people coming behind us should be bigger and better.” (Brian)
  • “Being connected to a healthy father is the only way to learn about what real love is.” The reason we are experiencing such crazy turmoil in this generation is because we have a fatherless generation. It is our job as leaders to create a fathering culture over time. (Brian)
  • “Create a community where you can have a bad day and your ministry doesn’t crumble. You know you’re surrounded by family when you can be fully yourself, fully alive, and have have a bad day and they still give you grace.” (Brian)
  • “You can't hide in family.” You want a ministry that is living and breathing, and alive. We crucify leaders for hidden sin and leaders know this and hide. (Brian)
  • The more we put on a “good face”, the more we’re relying on our own strength, and then we start having needs that go unmet. Because we think we can deal with everything, we start looking into unhealthy places to get our needs met. How do we create healthy leadership that gives people permission to deal with their problems before it becomes really bad? (Ben)
  • Know who the people are that can say things to you that are harsh, good for you. Who don’t wound you because they’re trying to control you or hold you back. “Healthy friendships help you set up healthy boundaries, and healthy boundaries are what promote you.” (Ben)
  • Be open with your team, so that they are aware. They need to know your weaknesses. (Brian)


  • The greatest leaders that finished well had hobbies so they could unplug and reset. You have to have other things that you’re excited about. (Brian)
  • Brian has a farm with goats. It’s pointless, but that’s the point. It’s okay to have pointless things you like to do. (Brian)
  • When Brian and I come to church we talk about everything but church. If we always stay in that, we would just become exhausted. We give each other space for that mental break. (Ben)
  • One of his goats was having a baby, and the baby came out dead. So Ben had to shake the goat until it came back alive. The goat was younger, it her first goat. “Many of you have a dream that you’re birthing, and if you don’t have fathers standing around, it could be stillborn. If you have a dream from God, it’s too big for you to do on your own.” (Ben)

Round Table Leadership

  • Co writing is special because something magical happens when you have multiple perspectives. (Brian)
  • We don’t get our identity from thinking of something first. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. (Brian)
  • “In humility always learn, listen, and win. You’re going to win because of humility. It’s not you that’s winning, its us that’s winning. If one person wins in your group everyone wins.” (Brian)
  • Revelation 19:16 “On His robe and on His thigh is it written ‘King of kings and Lord of Lords.’” That is what we get to model. “God is the King who loves to raise up kings, and his greatness is determined by how many kings partner with Him. We should look for people to be great around us, because it actually brings us more glory.” (Ben)


  • Be the biggest encourager in the room. Whoever is the biggest encourager wins. You don’t need to see someone say something back to you. Just say it and leave it. (Brian)
  • “Create a platform for others so that they can become who they need to be in God.” (Brian)
  • Have the mindset of wanting people to become who they’re supposed to be in God in your environment, without us getting in the way of that. (Brian)
  • 1 Timothy 1:18 “This charge I entrust to you, Timothy, my child, in accordance with the prophecies previously made about you, that by them you may wage the good warfare.”
  • Good fathers give you instructions. Good leaders consider your destiny. When you believe in people, they will invite you into their lives to give them instruction. (Ben)
  • Brian encourages his team to have other means of employment so they can grow in this environment. “You keep big people by giving them freedom to be big people.” (Brian)
  • We have a culture that wants to help everyone crack out of their shells. We are trying to help people so much we are stepping over our lane into God’s lane. If you crack open a shell too soon the bird dies. (Brian)
  • You can also create codependency when you help too much. The only way they can sustain life is if they can latch onto you. (Ben)
  • Point people to God so that if they walk down that trail they’re going to have an encounter with God. There is a weight that you’re supposed to carry but it is light. We are working harder than the people we are leading. Raise up a team that can fight for you when you’re having a bad day because they learned on their own how to fight. (Brian)
  • Isaiah 61:3 “So they will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.” An oak tree takes 15 to 25 years to actually bear any fruit. God is not going to limit you but there is a process. In order to sustain things and be a place where birds can land in your branches, it will take time. (Ben) 
  • There’s a point in leadership when we start creating an isolating leadership structure that makes us think it’s all about us. But when we start raising up oak trees around us, it reminds us that it didn’t all come from us. (Ben)