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Community & Worship

Amanda Lindsey Cook

0:33:32 · Songwriting

Music is a communal experience: it can be an outlet, but even more it’s an experience that brings people together. 

We Have What We Need

  • We were never designed to be lonely. There’s a difference between solitude and loneliness. 
  • Music is a communal experience: it can be an outlet, but more so it’s an experience that everyone can come together in. 
  • Everyone already has what they need when it comes to creating, the most essential ingredient, which is their story. Their “gospel account.” 
  • Interpretation and perspective matters when it comes to our story and writing.

Close & Personal

  • Get up close and personal with your own vulnerability, your own humanity, so that He can meet you with compassion. 
  • There’s this belief that we need to become more spiritual, but we are spiritual because we are born with a body, soul, and spirit. 
  • For Amanda, songwriting was like survival for her. It was like breathing.


  • Julia Cameron, “The Right to Write” is one of Amanda’s favorite authors and shares about the importance of writing.
  • The practice of paying attention is as much of a spiritual practice as a practical practice. 
  • Practicing the little things during the smallest moments can sometimes be the most significant in your journey of growth.
  • When becoming preoccupied by the end product, it can take away the magic of being present in the creative process and journey. 
  • The Five Minute Journal (Gratitude Journal / Recommended App) 
  • Assessment is good for certain situations, but self assessment for better performance isn’t kind to yourself.

Learning Language 

  • It’s great to be the change, but wise to come in low, be willing to listen, learn about and be affected by the culture you’re desiring to change or grow. 
  • Songwriting is similar to subliminal messages, it can take a while for the actual heart and message of the song to sink in deep. It’s truly worth listening to over and over again.
  • If you want to write songs that help shift and change things; listening, reading and learning is essential. 
  • Learn the language of your culture, learn about what’s being talked about, be involved. 
  • A Speaker vs A Communicator: A speaker will wonder how their talk did, while a communicator is more concerned with the connection and communion of the room. Music is such a beautiful way of connection and communion. Rather than just talking at someone, you’re creating a place for conversation and communion. 
  • Practice sitting around tables, listening and asking questions. 
  • Julia Cameron talks about how our role as a scribe in our culture is more about jotting things down than thinking things up. Catch yourself just noticing things, rather than trying to stir up a revelatory thought. 
  • We can never run out of wonder or new ideas, we’re called to live in an eternity of exploration and wonder.