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Crafting Your Song

Brian Johnson

0:49:13 · Songwriting

Brian talks through the process of shaping and molding a song. His practical tips and exercises will help you further develop songs you've been working on and will help you find inspiration for new ones as well.

Crafting Your Song - Brian Johnson

“I love those worship songs that seem to sing themselves. The songs that work even if the vocals are not great and the setting is not perfect.”

Write a song and have a friend that does not sing very good sing it back to you.
  • How can you make the song better?
  • Describe new and challenging ways for you to better your songwriting.
  • “Tuning in, always have your antenna up. A large part of a songwriters job is to find and retrieve inspiration.”
What inspires you in life?
  • Describe three places that you have found peace and inspiration.
  • What motivates your creativity? Write out three new ways to get inspired in your current season.
  • “The people who shape the hearts of a generation are not the law makers but the songwriters.”
What musicians & songwriters inspire you? Describe what you love about them and their music.
  • Who are the musicians & songwriters that are shaping the hearts of your generation?
  • Describe what makes these people stand out.
  • “A good song uses words that roll easily off the tongue. Words that feel good in the singer’s mouth. Words that fit the feeling of the message.”
Describe the songs that inspire you right now. What do you love about these songs?
  • Write down 5 different song lines you can think of whose lyrics “roll easily off the tongue”.
  • Write down 5 examples of song lyrics that “fit the feeling of the overall message” of the song.
  • What examples do you have from your own song lyrics that demonstrate this concept?