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Crafting Your Song

Brian Johnson

0:26:34 · Songwriting

Brian shares how he approaches songwriting and tips he's learned along the way.

Crafting Your Song - Brian Johnson

This is about how I approach song writing personally. Other people may do it differently.

It’s similar to sports in the sense that the more you practice the better you’re going to get.

Write songs in worship.
  • If you create a culture where you can step out and start singing, you will create powerful songs.
Get an idea and then sit on it.
  • The creative process cannot be stifled because of self consciousness.
  • Just let it fly
Piggy backing
  • I hear an idea someone else has, and then I add on to it.
Song writing isn’t just self expression, it is expressing what you feel so that others feel it too.
  • You want it to be easy to remember, but not generic and lazy.
  • Quality does not need to be complicated.
  • Don’t give up too soon, you might have something better after you’ve gone through the blood, sweat, and tears.
  • A steak will taste just as good off a paper plate as it will off of fine china. It is the same with a song
Always have your antenna up
  • You need to experience real life, so you can write a real song
  • A real song isn’t planned

Match the same melody with different chord progressions

Most of our ideas come from inspiration, but they are finished through perspiration.
  • God gives us things to see what we are going to do with it
  • There is something about taking the idea you get, and working with it to make it better
  • It’s all about stewardship
Not every idea can bear the weight of being put to music.
  • Some things are great ideas, but they fall flat when they’re put to music
  • Don’t just cram it into music form, find what form it works best in
There is a natural match of melody and lyric.
  • It’s like a marriage, the perfect match.
Our creativity should never come from a place of insecurity
  • Your creativity has to come from a place that is rooted in Him.
God never runs out of ideas
  • Don’t feel like you’re missing out on your season
Every great song is an encounter waiting to happen
  • What are we putting on the lips of the church to sing?
  • Songs should be used as prophetic statements