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Cultivating a Creative Atmosphere

Jerry Aaronson

0:27:52 · Community

Jerry talks about the need to work with people who help broaden our creativity and perspective, and the need to have a theology that encourages out-of-the-box thinking. He shares about inventions and ideas he has created in an effort to find solutions and be childlike.

Cultivating a Creative Atmosphere - Jerry Aaronson

As sons and daughters of the King we should be bringing answers to the world.
  • We need to learn how to operate from a place of inheritance versus a place of need or performance.
  • Performance creates a fear of failure which distracts you from your destiny.
  • We let beliefs into our theology that cause us to devalue going to new places.
The gifts God’s given us are different and we need to experience these working together.
  • Jerry & his friend would have the same drawings from God when they came to meetings.
  • They realized they needed a mix of people to build an environment of creativity.
  • You can become narrow-minded if you always create with same kind of people.
Jerry decided to make relationship a core value of the Inventor’s Group.
  • Never sacrifice relationship for the need to be “right”.
  • They had an idea about creating an iPhone application to tell if watermelons are ripe.
  • Jerry asked a student who knew how to develop iPhone applications.
  • The student had already had a dream that he would meet Jerry.
God honored their value for relationship and brought Jerry who he needed.
  • Jerry started asking God how to handle patents on inventions.
  • Soon Jerry met a man visiting Bethel with over 79 patents who worked at the Dreamcenter.
  • The best toy maker in the world, Elliot Rudell, was mentoring this man.
  • They found out that someone came out with a watermelon application a year before them.
  • They decided to stay on track and not let this push them out of how God was instructing them.
Children are amazing at perceiving God’s voice.
  • If you get discouraged, spend time with children.
  • Ask children what they are hearing and seeing from God.
  • When children prophesy over Jerry they spoke of his situation exactly & encouraged him.
Story: An inventor had been trying to find solutions to multiple problems.
  • He took a vacation with his family to rest.
  • While on vacation at Disney World, he begins getting ideas and answers.
  • God honored his choice to be with family & used that atmosphere to reveal solutions to him.
  • He developed “Inventionland”, their offices are extremely out-of-the-box & creative.
All of God’s promises are “Yes!” and “Amen!”- you obtain them by agreement.
  • If you can rest in your inheritance, your productivity will increase.
  • Many of us disqualify ourselves from obtaining the promises of God.
  • Part of why God tells us to confess things to each other isn’t just for sinful actions.
  • Confessing your insecurities & fears before people lets them remind you who you are in Him.
  • Confession helps us not be crippled by lies of the enemy by bringing them into the light.
  • Jerry hated himself so much growing up, he shot himself.
  • Someone brought him a Bible in the hospital & talked to him about Jesus.