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Cultivating Creativity

Melissa Helser

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“My prayer for you is that you would gain authority in the places that nobody sees, so when you stand up on stage you have something authentic to give to the world.”

Melissa Helser

Cultivating Creativity


By Melissa Helser

“What does it mean to be a creative?

Can we reduce this to a personality or gift set?

If we are Images of God-bearers, do we all in some way possess the ability to be a creator?

If we are Breath of God holders, don’t we all then possess the ability to breathe life into any moment, thing or person and watch it transform and come alive? 

If we are Light of God containers, can the darkness stay full of fear or does it have to bow to the brightness in you?” 

- Taken from Volume 4 of Cultivate

  1. Cultivation takes a lot of work and takes place in the 98% of your life that happens off the stage.

    1. Just like a garden, pruning, weeding, waiting, watering, planning. A gardener is planning for the harvest.

    2. “We are so disconnected from the work it takes to grow. It is good work, it’s the work of your salvation.”

    3. 98% of your life is not going to be on the stage with lights and beautiful music. The 98% is going to be at home, with your kids, with your friends, with your parents with your partner.” What are you going to do with the 98%? 

    4. Obedience in the 98% is where you grow authority

  2. What does it mean to be creative? 

    1. Being a creative is not the same as being an artist. Everyone is a creative, not everyone is an artist. 

    2. “Creativity is how the world is going to know that you are an image of God-bearer. Not your art, your music your writings.”

    3. “A creative is inventive, imaginative, able to create new things. Creativity is your birthright. You were made in the image of God.” 

    4. An artist is a person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a sculptor, novelist, poet, or filmmaker. 

    5. “I long for a generation who know who they are. A generation that knows what they carry as creators.”

  3. Knowing your creative identity

“We need not only a new view of God but a new view of us.” - Erwin McManus

    1. We need to know what God is saying over us. 

    2. You can create new worlds with your words. You can walk into a room, shift the atmosphere and nobody would know it was you.

    3. “Stop apologizing for who you are.”

    4. Confidence rooted in humility is where we want to live. 

    5. “I can access peace because I live in an orchard of peace that I tend all of the time.”

    6. “The fruit of the spirit is not something you just grab, it’s something you prune and grow and tend to so you can take it when you need it.”

    7. “Culture is craving authenticity.”

  1. Fear of failure will paralyze you.

    1. It takes practice to be a creative. 

    2. In the 98% that actually matters, you want to be able to create. 

    3. “My prayer for you is that you would gain authority in the places that nobody sees, so when you stand up on stage you have something authentic to give to the world.”

    4. “If you want to sing about the grace of God, you better practice the grace of God.”

    5. “Live the 98% so that you have something to sing about.”

  1. More than being artists you better strive to be creatives. Your legacy will be the fruit of your life, not the gift of your life. 

    1. The fruit is not album sales, it’s not songs, it’s the moment in the other 98% of my life.