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Heart of Worship
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Cultivating the Heart of Worship

Jonathan David Helser

0:41:01 · Heart of Worship

There’s no such thing as “being on the cutting edge” because there’s always more of God. He’s an endless ocean and a bottomless sea.

Intentionally Made

  • “Songwriters are permission givers, they give us permission to see things that we’ve never seen of God before.”
  • There’s no such thing as “being on the cutting edge” because there’s always more of God. He’s an endless ocean and a bottomless sea.
  • We’re the only thing that God handmade, everything else was created by His voice. 
  • We are so uniquely made, and much like we have unique fingerprints and hands like no one else, we wear a side of God’s face that no one’s ever seen before. 
  • “Worship in greek and hebrew is not a genre of music, the word is the position of the heart before God. It means to bow and press your face before the earth.”
  • “The eyes of God were Adams mirror, defining who he is.”

Whose Voice Defines You?

  • Who’s voice and smile defines you when you walk off the stage. 
  • Learning how to find the smile of God in the midst of failure helps create defining moments in our relationship with the Lord and in our identity as sons/daughters.
  • “The voice that you listen to is the voice that defines you”. 
  • It’s important, no matter the stage or event, to always be able to connect to the Father’s heart, no matter when or where.
  • Barak means to praise, to bless and adore in Hebrew. 
  • Worship is giving back to Him what He first gave to us. He bowed and showed us adoration when He created us. 
  • A good question to ask yourself is, who’s the most important person to you in the room while you’re leading? 
  • David created a well worn path between his heart and the Father’s heart. He was a man who was defined by the voice of God, not pressure and success. 
  • When Saul had returned from slaying 1,000 men, David had returned from slaying 10,000 men. Saul was defined by numbers, while David was defined by the smile of God. 

Genesis 3 / The Garden of Eden 

  • “The root of all evil is the suspicion that God is not good”.  
  • “What does marriage look like without fear and shame?” That’s what our relationship with the Lord is suppose to look like. Without fear and shame.  
  • “When I create out of disconnection and shame, I’m actually using my gift to hide who I really am.” 

The Woman and the Alabaster Jar

  • Mark 14:13  - The woman and the alabaster jar. 
  • Good is the enemy of Gods best. / The woman had wasted a year worth of wages before Jesus. But it wasn’t a waste, because it was worship that Jesus was about to take with him to the cross. A few days later, when the guards struck Him, and while his blood poured out, so did her praise and the scent of her oil. When he hung on the cross, he was accompanied by her worship. We he walked into hell, he carried the scent of her praise and her anointment from the jar. 
  • While she went to pour the oil, the people around her were suspicious or critical, but still she chose to give her worship. 
  • “You can always hear the voice of the one who holds your heart.” / Jonathan shares a story about when he gave up his first class seat to his wife Melissa
  • David was able to stop in the midst of pressure and chaos to hear the distinct sound of his Father’s voice, because the Father had David’s heart. 
  • “That’s what worship does, all the giants and problems that you’re currently facing begin to become smaller and smaller and smaller once you take off in worship”.
  • Next time you lead, minister or pour out your heart, make sure that when you walk off the stage and walk away from the failure or success, that you would stand at the crossroads and choose to listen to the Father’s voice and let His smile be what defines you.