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Culture of Worship

Jeremy Riddle

0:31:30 · Community

Jeremy speaks practically to the components needed to create a culture of worship.

Culture of Worship - Jeremy Riddle

The root system is never as pretty as the fruit, but it is much more important
  • If you want to walk in the more, how hungry are you? Because you will need to be hungry enough to overcome offense

A culture of worship is a mixture of ingredients

1. You need worshippers

  • Worshippers attract other worshippers
  • If you build a culture of worship, worshippers will come

2. You need to create a family

  • Family is a beautiful thing
  • A family is a safe place
  • It guards against the celebrity mentality, it levels the playing field

3. There has to be freedom

  • The church has created so many rules that create an atmosphere that chokes the people
  • God’s idea of respect and honor is radically different from ours
  • Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. He cannot reside in a place where He is kept behind bars. He came to bring freedom
  • Don’t despise the Davids in your midst, instead begin to pray that you get the same revelation that they have

4. There has to be faith

  • We often don’t associate faith with worship, but you cannot build a culture of worship without a people who have the faith to respond to God
  • Without faith, you cannot please God
  • What we believe affects how we worship
  • If someone who didn’t know anything about your church walked in to a worship service, would they see what you believe?
  • Faith is a choice
  • God is not looking for robotic worship, but we need to respond to what we know is true regardless of how we feel.
  • A concert or a sporting event should not eclipse our worship. People go crazy for these kind of events, humans naturally respond with excitement to something good, look at children for proof.

5. Your senior authority has to be on board

  • You cannot go where your leadership isn’t
  • Honor and respect your leader
  • You are there to serve your leadership
  • You start small. All great things have small beginnings.

6. The best way to convince people is not by word but by example

  • If you don’t have freedom on a Sunday morning, create another time for it

7. Empower people who have an anointing

  • Learn to recognize those who have an anointing