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Culture of Worship

Jeremy Riddle

0:40:28 · Community

How to Create A Culture Of Worship

Cultures of worship become houses of His presence

  • The earth is starving to experience the real presence of God.
  • If you build a culture of worship, no one may know who you are but God does.

Worship cultures are built with great intention

  • Many moves of God come through a persons partnership with God.
  • God delights to move through His people.
  • Worship cultures are ecosystems.
  • Most thing that sustain (quote at 14min)

Worship cultures are like soil

  • Bad soil with time, can actually become good soil.
  • In the same way, good soil can become bad soil.
  • When you get too focused on the fruit it can be damaging.
  • You can always trace a worship leader back to a soil.
  • If you want a worshipping culture you have to protect the soil.

How do you protect the soil?

  • Guard your heart. (John 2)
  • Tend your own worshipping heart.
  • Guard against compartmentalization.