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Digging The Wells of Your Heart

Josh Baldwin

0:29:37 · Songwriting

In this lesson Josh discusses the need for intimacy with God when crafting songs. He gives students practical insights for keeping your mind and body pure, how to create from your wells, how to dig new wells, and how to hone your craft.

Digging the Wells of Your Heart

Josh Baldwin

Josh is from Charlotte North Carolina and he moved to Bethel this week to become part of the artist collective.

When Josh started leading worship he never started to write songs. His father wrote songs but it didn’t unlock anything in him. He went to Morning Star school of ministry. You had to lead your own song for the ministry so he sat down and wrote a song. That was when the Lord switched on the songwriting side of his ministry.

“I’m creative but I’m not very artsy”
 - He struggled with this many times
 - You can still be a creative without being artsy
 - Some people are just overflowing with creativity but you don’t have to be if you don’t feel that
 - The Lord has opened up wells that have allowed him to go into creative veins that he didn’t know he had

Be yourself, but get around people that pull you deeper

His songs:

Start with spontaneous worship
- If it comes out of worship it should work really well in worship
- “Praises”: He was leading worship and on his second hour and he ran out of material and he crafted the song in a spontaneous moment

After spontaneous, he will craft.

Opening wells and digging new wells (When you feel creativity drying up)
- Dwell with the Lord
- Stay tapped into the river of God with daily communication
- Get alone, worship
- Listen to his voice and pursue intimacy
- It’s easy to lead others into deep worship when you know his voice
- It’s easy to lead people to a place you have been before
- Keep your vessel clean
- Pure heart and clean hands
- One of the biggest idol in our generation is technology
- What’s ok for some people might not be ok for you
- Some shows aren’t ok for me, they put ceilings on me
- Guard the gates to your eyes and ears

Study the word of God
- Stop trying so hard to write, feed yourself with the word
- Practice singing the scriptures

Study to sharpen your musical skills
- Don’t let your musical skill limit where you go in the spirit
- “The anointing has lot more to work with when you practice”
- Let the river flow
- John 7:38
- Open the wells and sing out (just start singing)
- Sing spontaneous songs often

7–8 years ago Josh had a season where he felt closed off and he felt like there was a ceiling in his worship and creativity. He had a close friend say to him,“If you feel dry, there are more wells to be dug in the land of your heart. You have more to give. Move over and dig deeper.”