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Ease and Authority

Brian Johnson

0:34:43 · Worship Leading

There are principles and steps for operating in ease and gaining authority in leading


  • A Leader: Someone people will follow
  • Leading requires the appointment of God. You don’t want to be one of those leaders who are trying. You don’t want to push outside of what’s natural to you and who are really are. 
  • David: Only God can take a boy in the woods with a bunch of sheep and turn him into the leader of a nation. 
  • There is an epidemic of people wanting to be seen today, but God is looking for people are fine in the hiding. 
  • David and his mighty men: Brian loves it when God takes people who are unlikely for leadership and brings them through a process and seasons of testing to gain the authority that God has for them and they become leaders.


  • Brian sees people in his community that just stick it out and endure through the hidden seasons and elevates them to a place of authority. 
  • Don’t wrestle against God. Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit not by Satan so that they could PROVE who they were to themselves AND to the devil. This is the process of gaining authority.
  • There’s an authority that is gained by people who have overcome situations and hardships. This has everything to do with worship leading. 
  • Authority is the “it” factor, when worship leaders, speakers, and authors just have “it” and do “it” only the way that they can. That’s authority.


  • Example: Flying in an airplane changes own perspective
  • God’s perspective versus our perspective: God is in the airplane and we’re in the car on the freeway. He sees it all. We see what is immediately in front of us and around us.
  • In worship leading, many times Brian is approached by worship leaders who are unhappy with their situation, their church, or their team. What is God doing in all that you’re a part of? Try to gain His perspective and step away from your perspective if even for a moment. Nothing makes sense and things become hopeless really quick if we only stay at the ground level perspective.


  • Sometimes, it’s all about just staying alive. When you wake up in the morning, just be grateful that you’re alive and keep going. 
  • Example: David in the cave when everyone had turned against him and Saul wanted to kill him. He kept going. 
  • We are wired for the immediate but God wants to rewire us for the greater perspective. Jesus went to a place by Himself to pray whenever He needed to be rewired with the Father’s perspective. 
  • There’s a time and a place for everything and when you get God’s perspective, the “style” will all go away.


  • Could you explain your process as to how music and your devotion time comes out on stage? 

A: For Brian, he doesn’t get his guitar out and worship by himself anymore. He mostly reads books and listens to worship on his ipad and instantly goes into writing mode. In order to connect with God outside of his “job”, he connects with God 

  • How do you foster joy when times and cultures are changing so rapidly? 

A: Thankfulness is big. Every person who’s done well in ministry had a hobby. Your ministry should stay mysterious, so it’s important to keep it fresh. Give yourself a focus that disconnects you from your “normal”. Give yourself downtime to disconnect and keep creativity alive. 

  • How would you handle a situation if you had a band member who wanted a position that they weren’t ready for? 

A: Leadership is tricky because you can’t wrestle with people. Brian’s son is 10 years old and if he ever tried to challenge Brian to a wrestling match, there would be no competition. Be the biggest encourager in the room. It’s your job as a leader to speak the truth and how the people respond to the truth, create a place for them and realize that they’re there for a reason and God has a purpose for them.