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Heart of Worship
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Endlessly Discovering God

Amanda Cook

00:47:37 · Heart of Worship

If we’re not in touch with the present reality of the moment we miss the smile of the Father over us in that moment.

Amanda Cook

Endlessly Discovering God

“Silence is not the absence of something. Silence can be filled with the Presence. SIlence is filled with the infinite possibility that anything can happen.” Amanda Cook

  1. Introversion can sometimes be a mask - hiding, pretending other people are the problem when actually it’s that you don’t like yourself when you’re around people.

  2. The Cost is something that you and the Lord know. For an introvert, it might just be showing up.

“If we’re not in touch with the present reality of the moment we miss the smile of the Father over us in that moment.” Amanda Cook

B. The mystery of God:

  1. When we’re impacted by the revelation of who God is and what that means, we become living mysteries.

  2. Mystery is not meant to confuse us. It is meant to confound us, but not confuse us. Staying Captivated and confident.

  3. Often people go off alone into the “mystery”.

  4. Bravery is not the absence of fear, it’s walking straight into it. 

  5. We have the access to the process of Jesus and His Father coming into things.

  6. There’s a deeper level of understanding to every single word that we say.

C. When God created the world, it wasn’t out of boredom, out of having to fill the silence. The silence was pregnant with possibility.

  1. Inner stillness is pregnant with possibility - “Be still and know that I am God”.

  2. You already have this space. You were created with a capacity for absorption. To hear God. Embrace that inner agitation.

  3.  What does silence mean to me? Punishment? Desert/wilderness season? Aloneness?

  4. All of our heroes in the bible deliberately went into the desert to listen, to hear, to come face to face with the inner loneliness of silence. On that precipice, they reached out to access the Spirit of God. God brings us into a dessert to speak with us.

  D. A culture of contemplatives.

  1. It's part of our calling

  2. Absorbing the parenthood of God

  3.  Within silence there are: 

    1. Infinite possibility 

    2. No such thing as empty space. Energy can’t actually be destroyed or created. It can be harnessed.

    3. Infinite possibility of who we are in Him

  4. The Heart - “to pray is to descend into God with the mind into the Heart” - The Way of the Heart

  5. Where we are totally one with God. Pure in heart means undivided, before God. Before we learned to divide ourselves (as children) we always presented ALL of us before God.

  6. A pure heart is an essence of being.

  7. Whatever we have shame over we tend to not include in our quest for God.

Jesus is the only deity who came as a man. He is the only one who kissed the ground. He also restored body, soul and spirit.

E. Some people run away from “life” to get away from the ego and the world. Sometimes though, actually living is the death.

  1. Bring your undivided self.

  2. Amanda talks about a group of people who left the world to live in the desert to get an understanding of the infinite God.

  3. In our unrenewed mind, we think until we can’t think anymore. We focus our mental energy on God and then wonder why our minds get so tired. When we descend from the mind into the heart (reconciling it to your whole being) we enter through to God via the heart.

  4. The heart is the treasure chamber of heaven.

  5. Breathe on your experiences with God that you already have. Be aware of the interior space that you already have. 

  6. Amanda shares how learning music (piano) gave her expression that words failed to give her.

  7. Pondering - the inner knowing. Returning to center. Providing peace.

F. There’s a child within all of us. 

  1. We shouldn’t cut things off. We live in a society of divorce. But we are still the child we were. Jesus brings it all together.

  2. Connect with that space within you to be able to connect with people and be able to serve them.

  3. Ceaseless interior prayer. A continual yearning of the human spirit towards God.

  4. Jesus came to show us how to stay connected to the presence living within us.

  5. Jesus actually never demanded worship. He came to show how to be a worshipper. He came to graft us into a family and teach us how to stay connected. He gave us the security of love. 

  6. When you’re in a secure relationship, silence doesn’t induce anxiety.