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Find Your Song

Ray Hughes

00:48:55 · Songwriting

Watch as Ray re-awakens the song in you and reveals purpose for that song. It's all about worshiping the Father and revealing His nature to the world.

Find Your Song

Ray Hughes

The preachers tree

The preachers tree were elm trees that stood where the preachers would speak. They have four things to do.

  • Stand tall
  • Look toward the light. 
  • Reach toward heaven
  • Dance in the wind. 

 If you aren’t a worshiper you forfeit the reason you exist. 

  • Dance is important in worship. 
  • We are created to worship. 
  • Our worship should be creative. 

Music is about honor, not competition. 

  • Went to Ireland, watched old men share songs in a pub and he watched the sound and song of the next generation. 
  • Everywhere that there’s an expression of worship there is an opportunity for encounter.

We will never change the church by becoming like the church.

  • Peace is more powerful than the chaos in the world. 
  • We are finding our song, and we are not in competition with another’s song.
  • You’re born to carry an expression of who you are. 
  • We celebrate the uniqueness of the song he gave you.
  • You’re gonna look like you, sound like you, so just be you. 
  • Music is a universal language, Uni- one verse - song. 

Part of what worship is, is love responding to love. 

  • Our father is the one who seeks us to worship him. 
  • He receives our undivided attention and the purest love. while he gives us undivided attention and the purest expressions of his love. 
  • That’s when we experience his love as a gift, not a reward. 
  • God is revealing himself in ways to this generation that no generation has ever seen before. 

Creativity is not about a product, not a process.

  • If you’ve created anything, it never seems finished. There are endless possibilities.

All creation is worshiping in ways that He cannot resist.

  • David daily accessed the presence of God. Even out of his awareness of the lows of his life He always turned back to God , “Yet I will praise you.”

You are writing the language for the next generation. 

  • You aren’t writing the next chorus that is going to blow up and make you famous. 
  • Write the next generations liturgy for them.
  • Worship can happen in your heart. It happens when they are playing your favorite song. But sometimes worship songs create an atmosphere that constrains imagination and creation. But that’s not who you are!
  • Don’t prevent worship just for the politeness of a church service. 
  • Prophecy doesn’t tell you what to do, it awakens who someone is.
  • Worship songs can carry liberating language - that awaken people's response and reaction.
  • Find your song wherever you are. 
  • The very field where David spent his days worship in solitude as a shepherd was the place where Jesus was born.

Lawmakers don’t shape culture, songwriters and artists do.

  • We need to be present and forward thinkers. God is giving you permission to recover our souls, permission to awaken mystery again, awaken wonder. Let’s worship out of the passion of our heart. In a world where beauty has become a product. Everything that God created came from his Love. 

He gave you to this generation to reveal the father.

  • Sensitivity is not your enemy, it’s your friend. It’s not about deeper thoughts, it's about deeper silences. We have to learn how to be alone without feeling lonely.