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For The Love of Beauty

Amanda Lindsey Cook

0:36:50 · Songwriting

Amanda shares on songwriting from a different perspective - beauty. Find what is beautiful to you, what is your territory with God, and write from there.

For The Love of Beauty

Amanda Cook

For me the journey of songwriting comes out a struggle. Anything beautiful comes from tension.

- For me music can communicate straight to the heart. I grew up being moved by classical pieces.

- It was passed down through generations before recordings, just by people playing it. And I have watched heaven ride in on a melody. My parents put me in piano lessons and I was incredibly timid, but I found my voice in that instrument. It was the beginning of something very important for me.

A few things I live by when it comes to songwriting:

- Art is communication and is meant to draw people into communion with God. The work and art comes to us by divine intervention and we need to serve and be obedient to those moments.

Be a listener

- Things change when we know the tone of His voice.

- Some of the greatest songwriters are some of the greatest observers.

- Find out what you are going to be about in the middle of everything

- If you see an issue that’s pushing your justice button. Write a song of God’s heart for the situation.

Discovery the “Why” 

(write down why you want to write music.)

- If you had the world’s full attention what would you sing to them?

- I can get away with singing something that I can’t speak on a microphone.

Chase inspiration down

- Don’t let a day go by without noticing something beautiful.

- Beauty is always catching our attention.

- Our response to beauty is ultimately worship.

- When people are activated by beauty to worship in their natural human state, be it a coldplay concert, or an art show, or a worship service.

Learn your craft, learn your instrument

- The professional respects his craft, he isn’t above it, he recognizes the ones who have gone before him.

- after you learn the rules you can break them.

 Get to know your territory

- We all have a territory within us where the Holy Spirit comes to dwell. This is where we write from.

- Territory is who you are in God and it is your history. Nobody else has YOUR history with God.

- The songs that you will write already live inside of you.

- To me you can’t write a worship song that isn’t a love song.

- Crafting songs can be learned, but you can’t craft heart, it’s inside of you. And people long for authenticity.

- We need to do the work of getting to know our hearts so we know what we actually have to give God.

Amanda loves the book The War of Art. But read it with the Holy Spirit.

- I write for myself for my own process and heart

- Write to God. The environment we have created together is the well that I draw from. It is my territory. All the ugly stuff all the swear words, the honesty.

- After those two things you can write for the masses.