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Fostering a Sense of Family

Paul Baloche

0:54:23 · Community

Paul speaks on growing in the pastoral aspect of worship and developing as a leader before the Lord.

Fostering a Sense of Family

Pay attention to your “Spiritual Hunches”
  • God is talking all the time.
  • Explore the different ways of worship in the bible. Psalm 95 is a good verse to start with.

Engaging your church:

Link worship practices to The Word to engage your church body in worship.
  • Don’t resort to manipulating people.
  • Don’t take it personally when people don’t engage.
  • Don’t try to get participation through guilt.

Actively come into God’s presence with a thankful heart.

Remind people that:
  • God’s Word says to come boldly.
Instead of seeing yourself as a musician or worship leader, see yourself as a pastor who uses music as a vehicle to get people into the presence.
  • We are called to serve the people God has called us to serve.
  • We want to remove the invisible barrier.
  • Think of your church as family.

God doesn’t need more guitar players; He needs more pastors.

Keep your heart alive toward the Lord with these practices:

Priestly duties:
  • 1 chron. 16:4
  • The primary role of the Levites was to minister to the Lord with praise and thankfulness.
Treat God as a person; spend time with Him.
  • Make time to minister to the Lord as the Levites did.
  • Make time to spend with the Lord.
  • Lift up praise & thankfulness.
Sing through the psalms.
  • Psalms are the vocabulary of worship.
Incorporate scriptures into your worship.
  • It will begin to soak into your being.
  • It will become second nature.
Spend time in the secret place.
  • We minister out of the overflow of our heart when we’ve spent time with Him.
  • Show up out of respect and honor, and don’t judge your time by if you feel anything.

    Keep your heart tender.
  • Worship is not a monologue.
Pastoral duties:
  • The Levites gave thanks and praise to minister to the Lord, and then lifted up petitions to the Lord.
  • Lift up prayers for your church.
  • Know who is in your church body and ask The Lord to give you His heart for them.
  • We want people’s outward expression to have an internal connection.
Be who you are in Christ.
  • Trust in his anointing and your identity as you lead others.
Remind people that we are family.
  • Remove the invisible barrier that is between the stage and the congregation by being involved as a pastor in people’s lives.
  • We want people to associate church and worship with love and blessing.
  • Break religiosity by encouraging others, and lifting others up.
  • Think of yourself as a pastor first, and musician second, no matter what role you play in worship.
  • Be a lover of people.
  • Be interested in people.