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Fostering a Worship Culture

Jeremy Riddle

00:18:47 · Community

“Maturity looks like leaving space for the congregation’s voices to arise, not every down moment is about you breaking something open with prophetic songs.”

Jeremy Riddle

Fostering a Worship Culture

A. “When you think your life is done, sometime’s it’s just beginning.”

  1. Culture - What culture grew the person or group I aspire to be  

  2. Culture worth aspiring to takes years of sowing. 

“We were born to worship like I believe my kids were born to swim. At the beginning, you would think I was killing them.”

Cultivating culture takes time

B. “Your assignment as worshippers, your charge is to steward a culture of worship.”

  1. Never let people forget that there is more. As a leader, you must constantly be pointing to the more of God. Testimonies of God make people hungry for more. 

  2. Sometimes just because things are going good means that we stop trying for greatness. We become comfortable. But good is an enemy of great.

  3. Do not settle. Not everyone is carrying the conviction of finding the more of God. But we as readers get to cultivate that and lead people into that place. 

  4. “If you want to experience more you have to risk.”

  5. Exercise follow through. If you want to see breakthrough you have to see it through!

C. “I believe glory is when his realm interacts with our realm.”

  1. REVELATION 21 - God is at the center of everything. There is a spiritual realm and we are made to have eyes to see it. 

  2. Expect the unexpected. How do you create that expectation? MAKE WORSHIP RELATIONAL.

    1. Jesus set the world on fire through relationship

  3. Structure is important based on the level of relationship you have with the people around you. When people are already deeply connected they don’t need the typical form and structure. 

  4. “What has transformed my life as a worship leader is the moments I’ve stepped out and risked.”

D. The value of freedom

  1. It is for freedom’s sake we have been set free. 

  2. “Your charge as a leader in the house of God is to defend liberty, freedom. Freedom is life, life is messy.”

  3. If we don’t get free, nothing is going to happen in worship. We have to get free. 

  4. Once I feel liberty hit a room anything can happen. 

  5. Give your congregation continual permission. 

  6. “When you lose yourself in praise you cease to exist.”

  7. Ask yourself, do your people feel empowered? Have you given them permission to risk?

“Let your imagination run wild with what God wants to do with his church in worship.”

“Intimacy begets life.”

E. Understand the power of your people. (Band, team, supporters, congregation.)

a. We can not go anywhere without each other. 

b. Part of our job is to build trust with our people.

c. Honor your people, hear their voices, step out of the way 

Where we are going in worship is a holistic experience.” 

“Maturity looks like leaving space for the congregation’s voices to arise, not every down moment is about you breaking something open with prophetic songs.”

F. The value of family

  1. “Don’t build a ministry, build a family.”

  2. “Any act of connection and kindness deeply enriches the worship we are about to give.”

  3. “Jesus gave blood to create family”

  4. The more intimacy and connection you have with your family the more places you'll go.