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Growing Culture & Worship

Rich Langton and Cass Langton

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In this session Rich and Cass share their hearts experience on how to build a rich culture of creativity and worship. 

Growing Culture & Worship

Rich & Cass Langton

Rich and Cass pastor the creative team at Hillsong Church. For 8 years they have been transitioning from a worship team to a creative team. Cass outlines different tensions that existed in their teams and how they decided to call everyone on their teams worship leaders in their own positions operating together.

A creative team is a team where everyone works together
- It is important to be committed to your team members and their lives
- Everyone (even the unseen people) is valuable to the team

Our team at Hillsong looks like:
- 58 services in Australia
- 14 campuses around the world
- Primarily volunteers
- Release people in the church into their gifts
- We are an expression of a local church

We create songs that are being spoken over our house.

Hillsong Young and Free was created because United was always on tour
- They asked their youth, “What songs do YOU want to sing?”
- The album comes from what is already happening organically in our church

There is a team behind everything.

This is what we tell our team:

1) We love Jesus above and before everything else
a. Our platform is for service, not status
2) Live on the second mile
a. Serve the body, go above and beyond
i. This might mean as a creative team, we assume jobs that may not be as glamorous
3) Bring solutions not problems
a. “I’ve noticed ___ this could be a solution..”
i. This builds trust
4) Learn to tell the difference between “fools gold” and the real thing
a. Sitting in certain places or doing certain things are fools gold because they aren’t accolades, they are places of great responsibility. Wanting the position is meaningless. The responsibility of the role is the important part. It’s not about people “knowing your name.” Stand in the position you are in and run your race.
5) Be a team that could easily be caught in the act of believing God
a. We are always ready and believing god for more in every area

1) Know the art of imagination
a. Use the arts to tell the most creative redemption story ever
b. Imagine that God could actually use what’s in your hands
c. Once you start to dream, there is no end to what could happen
i. We want to create an environment that people can see and be drawn to the Lord
2) Work out what you’ve said yes to so you can work out what you say no to
a. Saying yes to Jesus, you have to say no to the world
b. Say yes to marriage, I said no to everyone else
c. Say yes to being a musician, say no to mediocre. Refine your craft! There is always a cost
d. Yes to loyalty means no to gossip
3) Be a dream catcher for people
a. Nebuchadnezzar and the dream (he doesn’t tell Daniel the dream), catch the dream and interpret for others (using the wisdom of God). Steward people and find their “fit” in your team. “What people bring isn’t always what they want to bring.”
4) Serve like Martha, worship like Mary
a. Being a worship pastor is hard. Work hard and worship hard
b. Keep the sense of wonder in where you are and what you have been given.

There are no perfect churches and no perfect people, don’t opt out of the local church
- Develop a love for the local church as a family, army, and bride. Find your place in her and grow roots
- Guard your heart
- Love the church
- Love people