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Heart of Worship
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Guarding What's Sacred

Jeremy Riddle

00:30:26 · Heart of Worship

“When you feast on the truth you grow a discerning mind”

Jeremy Riddle

Guarding What’s Sacred

  1. We are walking in a day of fulfilled dreams, that a generation before us, never even imagined.

    1. Worship leaders are now household names.

    2. More worship songs are being written now than ever before.

    3. It’s a beautiful day of freedom, and we need to celebrate that.

    4. We live in a day that’s opposite of the generation before.

    5. We are still battling religion. But one of the greatest pitfalls of our generation is “acceptance of everything”.

  2.  We are living in a generation that doesn’t know what real food looks like.
    1. We were born into a war zone. It’s nothing to be afraid of. But it’s something to be aware of. We have a real enemy, and he wants to destroy your life. The worst thing we can do is glorify him, the second worst thing is to ignore him.

    2. Be wise as serpents, innocent as doves.

    3. “When you feast on the truth you grow a discerning mind” 

  1.  What are we guarding? What are we fighting for? 

    1. We are guarding our purity - the power you walk in is directly related to your purity.

    2. Sometimes we confuse momentum with power. But God is more concerned with purity.

    3. Pure praise. The weapon of mass destruction is pure praise.

    4. The greatest danger is the worshipping those who lead it.  

  1.  “Pure worship says ‘Jesus, I HAVE to let you know what you mean to me’” 

    1. Think of the woman who poured out costly perfume on Jesus. Think about it in the context of our modern day lens…When the whole room is deeply uncomfortable with the level of extravagance shown, Jesus felt loved.

    2. The only one who will know the purity of our offerings is us and Him.

    3.  Getting a glimpse of pure worship will realign purity.

    4. Pure worship is the only worship that will leave a lasting impact on the earth, in heaven, and on the heart of God.

  2.  1 Cor 3 Our job is touching the heart of Jesus. 

    1. Don’t be concerned with touching people, and never touching the heart of Jesus.

    2. Don’t be afraid of popularity or influence - but know what it’s for.

    3. Making worship leaders popular is one of the quickest ways to kill purity. Only if purity has a knife at the throat of popularity can purity and popularity exist together.

    4. You won’t win the big epic battles if you don’t win the tiny battles along the way.

  1. Leading pure worship is loving Jesus. 

    1. So many agendas have crept in. But the simplest, purest thing that matters, is that Jesus is loved. Did you pour it all out? 

    2. You love Jesus - it’s what people want to feel when you lead. It’s love for Jesus that leads the world to worship.

    3. Love Jesus, experience love, step into a place of communion with him - that’s the goal.