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Heart of Worship
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Heart of Worship

Bill Johnson

0:59:15 · Heart of Worship

Bill gives revelation into what it means to have a deep heart for The Lord. He discusses how worship has an impact on ministry to others and ministry to God.

Heart of Worship - Bill Johnson

The greatest treasure we have is the Presence of God
  • When you were born again he took residence inside your body
  • Jesus taught his disiples whenever 2 or 3 gather in His Name there is an increase manifestation of His presence. 2 are better than 1 if they are united
  • In worship the presence increases
There is always more
  • There is more that remains, but to be a a poor steward of what you have been given is foolish
  • The tension is to recognise what you have but still be hungry for more
  • Some time it takes faith to discover the manifest presence of the Lord
Learning to host the Presence of God
  • “He is in me for my sake but rests upon me for yours” - Bill
  • Be awear of the Holy Spirit so much so that we know when faith is pulling on what we carry
You carry something that is to be stewarded well - Acts 19
  • The people took a piece of cloth from the apostle Paul and took it to the person who was sick and they got healed
  • They didn’t hear that would work in a teaching. Maybe they just thought since this happened with Jesus maybe it will happen with Paul and it did!
  • The power of the prayer cloth wasn’t taught before it happened and they didn’t bother explaining it after it happened
We are waiting to discover truths from the commands of the Lord and He is waiting to reveal truths to children who explore
  • We think so often as servants, waiting for commands instead of as friends think to explore the boundaries and privilages are of this friendship.
One of the greatest privilages of our life is to steward that Holy Spirit
  • Mathew 10:7
  • The Holy Spirirt is the greatest worshiper in the universe
  • Worship is not something you can turn on or turn off. It is a way of life
  • All parts of life are expressions of worship
It is just like the Lord to give us an assignment that is impossible, that way the only way it works is by doing it through us
  • He assures dependancy by giving us something we can’t do
The Holy Spirit is always looking for a place to land
  • Noah releases the dove and he comes back, releases again and he comes back with an olive branch, he releases the dove again and it doesn’t come back
Sometimes in ministry we learn to read peoples expression instead of recognise the mood of the Spirit
  • The only way you can know when you have had a good meeting is to shift your focus from the external to the Person that youre following
  • The place that we carry in life is directly connected to our stwardship of a Person who wants to rest on someone else too
In worship you don’t want to turn all worship into a performance. You want to be at rest in the presence and realize that there are moments when the Lord want to do stuff
  • Right now stop and turn your affection towards His presence. You don’t have to do anything. He is quick to show up. Do you recognize the presence that rests on you?
  • Practice that. Just anytime stop and turn your affection towards him.