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Heart of Worship
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Hosting the Presence

Jeremy Riddle

0:31:05 · Heart of Worship

God's presence is paramount. Jeremy shares on how to hear God's voice, what it's like when He's moving and how to lead people into further encounter with His presence.

Hosting the Presence

Jeremy Riddle

Jeremy opens with prayer

We’re headed into a new church season – His presence is once again being the one thing, the main thing.

“What will God do today in our midst?”

Jeremy shares the main agenda of Bethel Church – his presence.

His presence was always meant to be on us, the people of God, as our distinguishing mark. Exodus 33:15–16 – Moses’ dialogue with God. Moses understood this. Not our values, not our speech – the Presence. No other religion in the world is marked by the Presence.

There is an extreme difference between His omnipresence and His manifest presence. The world would cease to exist with His omnipresence but “Manifest your glory in this place!” holds a cry for more of Him.

You can’t be a good host if you’re not in tune with your guest. You need to learn to recognize his presence when he comes in the room. Your body is already responding to Him, you just need to learn what the signs are. Learn to recognize how he’s responding on your person. Let Him teach you what to do with those moments.

The Presence is not mythical, He is a person – God Himself. He is relational and relationships involve interaction and exchange. We do our thing and need to let him do His thing.

Waiting on the Lord. When was the last time your church had a time of corporately waiting on the Lord? Make space for Him to move. Sometimes making this space is uncomfortable. Don’t fill the space! You can kill the very thing your trying to bring on.

The depth of your history will determine how well you’ll be able to host him. Privately press into the depths of God and his wonders, and his glory, and you will leap publically. Abiding is the only way that we actually being to walk in this.

If you hang out with someone you will begin to imitate them. If you’re regularly encountering God, people around you will encounter Him to.

You can duplicate a program but you cannot duplicate the Power. The power is in His presence.

The solution to the world’s problems, the change the world needs, is found in His power, in his presence.

As the church, we’ve camped around so many different things – the preaching, the worship. There is coming a day when God Himself will be what draws people.

Jeremy shares his own testimony of the Presence manifesting in church.

God waits for a people who will wait on Him. There is so much more.

Jeremy closes in prayer.