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How to Build Worship Leaders

Darlene Zschech


What if you could sit down and have coffee with one of the greatest songwriters and worship leaders of the modern day global worship movement? Darlene shares wisdom, encouragement, and testimonies of her own story as a worshipper. Take a seat, grab a coffee, and enjoy!

Darlene’s Story 

  • Darlene’s been a paid singer since she was 10 years old, but when she found Jesus every time she would open her mouth to sing, she’d start weeping. This lasted for two and a half years. The Lord was slowly tearing down the walls around her heart. 
  • Darlene tells the story of moving from youth ministry into worship ministry at Hillsong Church. 
  • The work the Lord did wasn’t in building Darlene’s confidence (which is what she thought she needed), He was actually helping her overcome her own pride.

Stay on the Journey

  • Stay close to people who love you. Stay close to your pastor. Let go of the performer and let the worshipper come out. 
  • To God be the glory! This is not about you. You are not THE worship leader. You are PART of a worship team. You are A worshipper. You are not THE anything.  
  • The culture we create is very important when it comes to the Kingdom of God and the Presence of God. 

Worship Leading

  • You have to fashion your mouth to Kingdom culture when no one is looking AND when everyone is looking. 
  • The enemy is into silencing Kingdom culture by silencing Kingdom language.
  • Worship leading is facilitating the prayers of the people.

Darlene’s Challenge to Worship Leaders

  • Our language must be inclusive. Our language cannot be exclusive.
  • Speak well of the house of God. Of the church, of the family, and of yourself and the gifts God has deposited in you. 
  • God is looking for those who worship in spirit and in truth, not in dishonesty or perfection. Don’t hide. Live in the light.  
  • Our language must be inclusive. Our language cannot be exclusive. 
  • Dig into your Biblical understanding of worship. 
  • Give honor to our pastors as they have trusted us in this position. Honor the house. Don’t run out for coffee after a worship set. Sit in the house with the family during the sermon. Know how to pray for people as they receive Christ. Be a part of the greater picture. 
  • If the WHY is not clear then the WHAT will be minimized to performance, which has never grabbed the attention of God. Know WHY you worship and remind yourself of that regularly.

The Power of Willingness

  • Willingness is a result of a heart revelation. Willingness has so much more staying power than enthusiasm. 
  • 2 Cor. 8:11-12 "
  • 1 Peter 5:2
  • Give me a team of willing people ANY DAY other a team of people with gifts and talent. 

The Power of Caring

  • 2 Samuel 24 - King David refuses to offer that which costs him nothing. 
  • The platform allows people to see you better, but it has absolutely no spiritual power. 
  • Many people have been abused in worship. When you slowly and gently earn people’s trust, they open up to you and you are able to lead them straight to the Father. 
  • Be hungrier for God than you are for the platform. Aim to be low maintenance.